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The plains that turn yellow in Turkiye’s eastern province of Ağrı, where sunflower production increases every year, reminds of Thrace region.

The province, which has rich river resources and 3.5 million decares of agricultural land, makes a name for itself in agriculture and livestock with nearly 2 million animals.

Synflower production in Ağrı

In the region, where the diversity of plant products has expanded with the support of the state, sunflower is one of the crops whose production area has increased the most in recent years.

In Ağrı province, which is reminiscent of Thrace with its plains that are currently painted yellow, 23 thousand decares of sunflowers are planned for oil production and 21 thousand decares for snacks.

“Our farmers planted sunflowers intensively this year”

Kenan Engin, Provincial Director of Agriculture and Forestry, said that they are working hard to surge the variety of crops throughout the province.

Stating that there has been an increase in sunflower cultivation areas this year, as in other herbal products, Engin said, “Our sunflower planting area, which was 30 thousand decares in total last year, reached 44 thousand decares this year. 23 thousand decares of this 44 thousand decares sunflower planting area is in the form of oil sunflower and 21 thousand decares are in the form of snacks. Our farmers planted sunflower intensively this year.”

“There was an expansion in the cultivation area for oil sunflower throughout Turkiye and it was the same in Ağrı. While we provided a total of 3 million liras of agricultural support to our farmers who planted sunflowers last year, I hope we will provide a support of close to 10 million liras this year,” he added…

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