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Thrace region farmers reacted: Sunflower husk imports worse than hay imports

Farmers engaged in production in the Turkey’s Thrace region, showed reaction to imports of sunflower husks from Russia. Regional farmers stated that sunflower husk imports were also worse than straw imports that had been drawing reaction in the region for years.

Indicating that the Turkish farmer did not receive support, Thrace farmers pointed out that the support payments for 2019 were paid 6 months later.

CHP (Republican People’s Party) Tekirdağ Deputy and the Parliamentary Member of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Affairs Commission İlhami Özcan Aygun, during his speech in Parliament, said that sunflower husks, imported from Russia, sold at 670 liras as animal feed.

Emphasizing that using of pellet sunflower husks as animal feed which were used as heating fuel in the past, now reveals the level of agriculture in the country, Aygun added, “After the agricultural products of foreigners, we now import their garbage. They have finished Turkish agriculture.”

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