In Ceylanpınar Agricultural Enterprise, affiliated to the General Directorate of Agricultural Enterprises, sunflower is harvested on 57 thousand 963 decares of land.

In Ceylanpınar Agricultural Enterprise, which is one of the largest agricultural enterprises in the world, a large number of products are grown from barley to wheat, from lentil to corn, from pistachio to sunflower, from vetch to oats.

The enterprise, where agriculture is carried out on an area of ​​approximately 636 thousand decares and modern technological tools and equipment are used, makes a significant contribution to the country’s economy and farmers.

In order to keep the soil productive for many years, sunflower is planted in some of the fields within the enterprise, with an alternation system (crop rotation).

This year, the harvesting time of sunflowers, which is planted on 57 thousand 963 decares, is carried out precisely.

“We want to contribute to the oil industry”

İdris Tanrıkulu, Deputy Director of Beyazkule, said that they are continuing the sunflower harvest, which they started on August 9, with 25 harvesters.

Stating that the harvest is fruitful and that they are expecting about 300 kilograms of product per decare, Tanrıkulu said:
“We have left behind a beautiful and productive season in sunflowers. We actually plant sunflowers as alternation and we want them to set an example for the farmers in the region. We want our farmers to plant sunflower for alternation purposes by looking at us.”

“We want to contribute to the oil industry with the sunflowers we produce here. This year we have achieved a good yield of 57 thousand 963 decares of sunflower. We want to further increase the sunflower planting areas in the coming years,” Tanrıkulu added.

Expressing that the quality of the product is high, Tanrıkulu cited, “Sunflowers are put up for sale through the Şanlıurfa Commodity Exchange.”

Tanrıkulu also noted that they contribute to both the country’s economy and the oil industry with the sunflower they grow.

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