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Süleyman Buluşan: Potato Price Jumps Fourfold In The Market

Potato harvest has begun in Eskişehir province where one of Turkey’s most important agricultural centers.

The producers who are satisfied with the yield, suffer from the cheapness of sales prices and the fact that input prices are expensive.

In the Tepebaşı region of Eskişehir, summer potato dismantling started. About 1500 thousand decares of potato cultivation was done in the region. The producers, who are satisfied with the yield this year, have said that the prices of basic inputs such as diesel and fertilizer have doubled compared to last year. Since the sales prices sufferer producers, potatoes sells for only 1 lira.

Commenting on the subject, Tepebaşı County Chamber of Agriculture Chairman Süleyman Buluşan said that fear of producers will increase in the coming days whether prices might fall.

Stating that they are satisfied with the yield, “Price of field sold potatoes goes to 1 lira while it sells 4 liras in the market” Buluşan noted.

Buluşan also explained: “There is an excellent tonnage of potatoes, there is a beautiful casting too. There are none of the symptoms we call disease. Our producers consciously sprayed. Conscious irrigation will get a beautiful crop for making. Today potatoes in the hands of the farmers is 1 lira. Whereas it is sold in markets at 4 liras. Our costs are increasing every year. There’s no way to deal with this. We need to make the producer love the production. The producer of potatoes should not be thinking whether I can sell it or not.”

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