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Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bekir Pakdemirli said that they increased the subsidy in seed cotton by 37.7 percent to 1.1 lira per kilogram.

Pakdemirli said, “Turkey, with which it produces and exports high quality textile products is an influential country in the world.”

Stating that Turkey is one of the world’s major cotton production centres, Pakdemirli noted:

“We rank 6th in cotton production across the world and 3rd in yield. Thanks to the successful policies and supports we have implemented in the last 18 years, seed cotton yield has increased by 40 percent per decare and reached 500 kilograms. With the good news that I will explain today, we aim to increase both production and yield even higher.”

“As you know, the subsidy support in cotton was 80 kurush (kuruş) per kilogram. As a result of the demands from our producers and the detailed analysis we conducted, we increased the seed cotton subsidy by 37.5 percent to 1.1 lira per kilogram. In addition, we will pay support of 1.23 lira per kilogram to cotton producers, along with diesel and fertilizer support,” Pkdemirli added.

“By the way I emphasize this point in particular. We pay the highest amount of support to cotton farmers among the subsidies with diesel and fertilizer supports. As the ministry, we have always been with our producers and we will continue to do so,” Pakdemirli concluded…

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