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Food waste cheese from Them Andelsmejeri, which is “skewed on weight”, is now being launched in selected REMA 1000 stores in collaboration with the consumer movement Stop Food Waste

Now cheeses can weigh too little or too much. At least in relation to the normal purchasing agreement between Them Andelsmejeri and REMA 1000. Cheeses, which in other words are loose on weight, are now becoming part of the fight against food waste.

A new collaboration against food waste between Them Andelsmejeri, the discount chain REMA 1000 and the consumer movement Stop Food Waste means that all Danes will have the opportunity to take part in the fight against cheese waste.

The new cheeses, which are thus “skewed on weight”, are now available in selected REMA 1000 stores throughout the country. For every cheese that is sold, REMA 1000 and Them Andelsmejeri support the association Stop Waste Of Food with 75 øre, which goes to the association’s continued work in the fight against food waste. The initiative with these cheeses, which is “skewed on weight”, is the first of its kind in Denmark.

Cheeses that are “skewed on weight” are exactly the same tasty cheeses that are otherwise sold in the grocery store, but for various reasons they have a weight that is either below or above the agreed weight.

Depending on the cut, it is about 2 percent. of the carved cheeses that are produced daily at the Jutland 133-year-old Them Andelsmejeri. Some of these cheeses have so far been sold in Them Andelsmejeri’s own cheese shop in Them. But now Them Andelsmejeri wants to give all Danes the opportunity to taste the new food waste cheeses.

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