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Packaged Spices Producers Association, whose abbreviation is ABÜDER, held its Ordinary General Assembly in Istanbul. One of the founders of the association, Aydın Acun, Chair of Noor Asia Türkiye Gıda Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş., was re-elected as the Chair of the Board of Directors of ABÜDER. At the meeting, a new distribution of duties has been made and issues about the scope and functioning of the association were discussed. It was also decided to change the name of the association to Aromatic Plants and Spice Producers’ Association by expanding its scope.

Spices and ‘Aromatic Herbs’ together…

In the General Assembly meeting, Acun said, “Aromatic plants, which have become indispensable for the urban people who desire a life in touch with nature, are added to the spices, which are also indispensable in Turkish cuisine. Our country has a very important potential in the world in terms of aromatic plants with its rich plant gene resources, wide area and different climates. We need to ensure that aromatic plants are used more effectively in Türkiye and increase their economic return.”

“Today, by adding ‘Aromatic Plants’ to the name of our association, we carry our targets in the world markets to a wider area. From now on, we will continue our activities as our new name Aromatic Plants and Spice Producers’ Association (ABÜDER). We will find solutions to the problems of our producers and contribute to the welfare of the country by increasing our share in international markets,” he added…

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