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SPACE took place from Tuesday 13 to Thursday 15 September in a very warm and positive atmosphere, marking its 35th anniversary. Attendance was very high over the three days of this 36th edition at the Rennes Exhibition Centre. The full scope of the livestock industry was represented, from cattle, pigs, goats and sheep to poultry, rabbits and aquaculture, in a very positive and constructive ambience.

SPACE 2022 was extremely successful, with over 90,000 visitors (90,108, of whom 8,406 came from 120 different countries), and close to 1,200 exhibitors (of which 300 were international businesses and 250 were taking part in SPACE for the first time). 

The event recovered its full international dimension after two years during which travel by visitors from abroad was heavily restricted. Delegations from around the world came to meet exhibitors, visit farms and draw inspiration from our organisational models. Many contacts were established with delegations from West Africa (Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire, Mali, Benin, etc.), Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Morocco, Algeria, Vietnam, the Philippines and numerous European countries. Talks organised for the first time in partnership with Promosalons led to important business exchanges with top buyers from Colombia, Chile, India, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Morocco and Nigeria.

In a context marked by drought and the soaring price of energy and raw materials, climate was the annual theme developed by the Espace for the Future. Through the numerous debates, conferences, products and equipment presented by exhibitors, SPACE 2022 provided an opportunity to show that agricultural stakeholders are already taking measures aimed at reducing the impact of livestock farming on the climate. The livestock industry provides solutions to face climate challenges, and SPACE was able to demonstrate this.

Innovations in the sector, rewarded with the Innov’Space label (36 winners this year), also highlighted the continuous progress achieved by the world of agriculture. The winners offered visitors new solutions for animal welfare, protecting the environment, health and safety and improving farmers’ working conditions.

One of the biggest new features of this year’s event was the first Youth Forum, a space for young people organised in collaboration with agricultural teaching networks and opened by the Minister of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty, Marc Fesneau, at the start of the Expo. This new space enabled young people to voice their visions for their future jobs.  They could also express their motivations and questions to Loïg Chesnais-Girard, President of the Brittany Region, who paid very close attention to their points of view. 

SPACE is also unique for its capacity to host around 100 conferences each year, allowing all stakeholders in the agricultural sector to learn about and discuss topical issues such as new technologies, solutions for reducing climate impact, establishing and selling farms, protein self-sufficiency, research into new fodder crops, CAP issues, etc. 

Livestock presentations, with 550 cattle of 13 breeds and 150 sheep and goats of 11 breeds, provided a magnificent showcase for genetics and the breeders’ know-how. A special focus was placed on the Jersey dairy breed with more than 60 cattle on show and in competition. The European Jersey forum was held during the event and the World Jersey Cattle Bureau had the opportunity to discover SPACE’s unique position for livestock breeders. The Blonde d’Aquitaine was the beef breed under the spotlight, with a national challenge that proved highly popular with 80 cattle on show.  The champion of the Normande breed competition was voted supreme champion of SPACE 2022. This dimension as a genetic showcase and the high-level competitions and presentations are also what makes the Expo a driver for progress for livestock farmers.

For its anniversary, SPACE 2022 was the epitome of a professional, international and convivial trade show. Despite a difficult context, these three days have proved that with abundant and constructive dialogue, high attendance by visitors and exhibitors and the expo’s very positive dynamic, 35 years after its first edition SPACE is an exceptional showcase for the livestock industry. A modern, constantly-evolving industry with a bright future and a resolve to feed society and meet its requirements. This positive energy and optimism inspire confidence in our farmers’ determination to carry out their jobs with conviction and to ensure our food sovereignty, while remaining in tune with their fellow citizens. 

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