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Sowing for buckwheat production starts in Ordu region…

In Türkiye, where only 2 thousand tonnes of the 40 thousand tonnes demand could be produced, buckwheat trial planting was carried out for the first time in Black Sea’s province of Ordu under the leadership of the Metropolitan Municipality in order to create an alternative source of income for the producers and to contribute to the production in the domestic market.

A new one has been added to the projects initiated in cooperation with Ordu Metropolitan Municipality and Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry in order for the producers to earn more income from agricultural areas in the province and for agricultural areas to provide more input to the economy. In this context, the trial planting of buckwheat, which is thought to be more efficient in terms of its structural characteristics, suitable for Ordu’s climatic conditions and has a high market value, was carried out in Mesudiye district.

Purchase to be guaranteed…

In order to develop and popularise buckwheat cultivation, one thousand 200 kilograms of buckwheat seeds were distributed to the producers in the first stage. The products harvested from the seeds distributed to the producers with a purchase guarantee will be taken by the Metropolitan Municipality, as in many agricultural projects.

“We think that Ordu will be the locomotive in buckwheat”

Agricultural Engineer Ahmet Güneş, who made explanations about both technical information and production of buckwheat, said, “We are planting buckwheat for the first time in Ordu region. It is a 3-month crop. Hopefully, we will harvest this product after 3 months. This crop is cultivated in an area of 3.5 million hectares in the world. The biggest producers are China, Russia and Kazakhstan.”

“The idle lands of our district are being brought into agriculture every day”

Stating that Mesudiye has come to an important point in agriculture and animal husbandry with the support of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, Mesudiye Chamber of Agriculture President Mustafa Başarslan said that the idle lands of the district were brought to agriculture.

Ethem Gözkonan, Head of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Department of Agriculture and Livestock Services, noted that the Metropolitan Municipality will purchase all the products to be obtained from one thousand 200 kilograms of seeds distributed…

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