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Increases in energy, feed, diesel fuel and the increase in exchange rates also opened the door to new hikes in basic food products, meat and milk.

“Within 1.5 months, there will be at least 30-35 percent hike in meat and dairy products.”

Milk, Meat and Cattle Breeders’ Association (TÜSEDAD) Chair Sencer Solakoğlu said that there will be intense spikes in meat and milk.

“They believe that they will reduce inflation by keeping the producer’s price low, which is very wrong. Costs are rising day by day. In October-November, both meat and milk will jump by at least 30-35 percent. Prices can go much more exorbitant places,” Solakoğlu said.

Sencer Solakoğlu

Pointing out that the state allows the import of 150 thousand cattle due to the scarcity of animals, Solakoğlu explained, “The government says to Hasan (a Turkish farmer), you do not produce, and to Hans (a foreign farmer), they say, you produce, we support you. This is to buy cattle from abroad at a better price and to see the farmer there worthy of a higher price. It is also to cause loss by buying cheaper from the domestic farmer.”

“The number of people who say that we will not do this job anymore is increasing rapidly. For this, the state has opened the door for imports. The government says you don’t produce, we import. As these wrong policies continue, the number of people quitting their jobs will grow,” he added…

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