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Sivas Chamber of Agriculture Chairperson Hacı Çetindağ stated that the falling snow made the producers smile and also contributed to the country’s economy.

Hacı Çetindağ”Gübre destekleri çiftçimizi rahatlatacak” | MySivas.Com Sivas  Haberleri
Hacı Çetindağ

The snowfall, which has been effective for a while in Sivas, made the producer happy. The falling snow will not only protect the wheat seeds planted in the ground from extreme cold, but also meet the water needed by them. While there was a loss of quality and yield in wheat production due to the drought that was effective in the past years, the falling snow gave hope to the producers for the year 2022. If the snowfall continues until the end of March, it is hoped that the product quality and quantity will rise in 2022.

“Snow means yield”

Pointing out that the falling snow means abundance for farmers, Hacı Çetindağ, Chairperson of the Sivas Chamber of Agriculture, said, “The drought experienced in recent years has caused problems in Sivas province as well as in the world and in our country. Water shortage has affected the yield negatively. The rains came as we expected. The snowfall in the last days also made us happy. Snow means the dams are full, the soil is saturated with water, the wheat is long. The long wheat means the crop is plentiful.”

“We are one of the provinces most affected by drought. It will prevent drought and bring abundance in the wheat harvest and other agricultural crops in 2022. When we look at the statements of our scientists, we expect more snow this year. Sivas region will benefit most from the snow that will fall,” Çetindağ added…

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