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ŞMS Kopuz Food becomes the partner of global industry giant Bunge in Türkiye…

Bunge, the world’s leading oil and food ingredients manufacturer, has signed a partnership agreement with ŞMS Kopuz Food (Gıda) in the field of industrial food solutions in Türkiye.

Paul Ayton

ŞMS Kopuz Gıda, one of the leading companies in the field of food ingredients in Türkiye, has signed a partnership agreement with Bunge, the world leader in the same field. The details of the agreement were shared at a press conference organised with the participation of Bunge Asia Vice President Paul Ayton and ŞMS Kopuz Gıda Chairman Şemsi Kopuz. It was also announced at the meeting that Bunge’s first innovation centre in Türkiye, Creative Studio, has been launched.

“A unique story of more than 200 years”

Speaking at the meeting, Paul Ayton, Vice President of Bunge Asia, said that the company is the most important player in the global food system with more than 300 businesses and more than 23,000 employees in more than 40 countries.

Pointing out that Bunge is a leader in oilseed processing, vegetable oil and protein supply all over the world from China to Canada, Brazil to New Zealand with more than 200 years of experience, Ayton said, “The company offers the highest quality products to the world markets for the food, feed and renewable energy sectors, which is a unique story.”

Paul Ayton said the following at the meeting:

“As Bunge, the protection of global food security lies at the centre of our R&D and innovation-oriented investments. Our innovation centre, which we established to share our global knowledge and experience with Turkish producers and to improve their recipes with our high value-added products that are both healthier and more sustainable, will operate under the name ‘Creative Studio’. This centre will be Bunge’s first innovation centre in Türkiye and 21st globally.”

Şemsi Kopuz

“We came out of the crises by taking lessons”

Speaking at the meeting, Şemsi Kopuz, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ŞMS Kopuz Gıda, stated that his company was a family company built on solid foundations laid in the early 1970s and that with great perseverance, determination and hard work, it has become a strategic bridge that brings together raw material producers and final producers in many countries around the world.

“The last 10 years have been a stormy period for the global economy and the food sector and that there have been unimaginable breaks, transformations and crises, the pandemic that started four years ago brought the crisis in the food sector to its peak; wars, regional tensions, supply difficulties, increasing energy, logistics and labour costs continue to be the biggest challenges to sustainable production,” Kopuz added.

“We will be the sun rising to the tables”

Emphasizing that the importance of the business partnership between ŞMS Kopuz Gıda and Bunge, Kopuz concluded, “Today is an important and meaningful day for us as well as for our sector and Türkiye. We are very pleased to co-operate with Bunge, one of the world’s most pioneering and leading companies in its sector. We strongly believe that this co-operation will make a great contribution to the development and competitiveness of the food sector.”

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