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Siirt pistachios will be exported under the brand name of fistalora…

Within the scope of the project carried out in cooperation with the Ministry of Industry and Technology and the EU, Siirt Pistachio Processing Plant, which is established at 43 million Turkish Liras and is the biggest pistachio processing plant in Europe, will be exported to 20 countries under the brand name of ‘Fistalora’.

Siirt (a southeastern city) Provincial Governor Ali Fuat Atik said that they carry out important studies to obtain the economic income that the province deserves from Siirt pistachios, and that the brand and registration works continue to sell this valuable product to the world markets more easily.

Atik continued his words as follows: “Siirt pistachio products began to be sold to the markets under the brand name ‘Fistalora’. Very soon these products will be seen on the shelves of chain markets. We will start new moves to increase the production of Siirt pistachios. With the support of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, we aim to establish at least 10 thousand decares of new pistachio orchards.”


Siirt Pistachio Processing Plant Board Member and Marketing Officer Erol Avcı said that they are working to export pistachios to Asia, Europe and Africa. Providing that the pistachio contributes 750 million Turkish Liras to the provincial economy. Avcı also noted the name ‘Fistalora’ emerged with the combination of pistachios and plant flora.”

“As a result of some negotiations, there were connections abroad. We have signed a distributorship agreement with a company abroad in order to reach these markets including Asia, Europe and Africa continents along with Baltic countries market. What we actually aim during this period is to be one of the most important brands across the country and to export the ‘Fistalora’ to 20 countries” he added…

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