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What is Carnism?

The theory of Carnism was introduced in 2001 by social psychologist Melanie Joy in order to defend and justify meat consumption. The concept of Carnism has gained importance in this period when plant alternatives are a candidate to replace animal products…

Melanie Joy

According to the theory put forward by social psychologist Melanie Joy in her 2009 book (Why we love dogs, eat pigs, wear cows), eating meat is normal, natural and necessary for humans.

Later, researcher Jared Piazza theorised that “nice” term, developing the idea to encompass more philosophical justifications as well as simple taste pleasures.

Despite the growing popularity of plant-based meat alternatives, some studies suggest that these arguments are still valid. But how valid are these arguments?

Is eating meat a natural behaviour?

Vaclav Smil

According to Vaclav Smil in his book “Should we eat meat?”, eating meat has contributed to human development throughout history. Hunting animals often required co-operation. This can be considered a precursor to modern humanity.

In addition, many scientists believe that there is Va fundamental link between our large brains (animal consumption requires a lot of energy, which fuels more complex brains) and small intestines and frequent intake of animal protein. Finally, at the end of the day, it’s clear that our digestive system is not designed to digest purely plant-based components, unlike herbivores.

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