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Shaktiman shows off its strengths at Agritechnica Asia…

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India’s largest agricultural machinery manufacturer shows off its strengths at Agritechnica Asia and strengthens dealer ties in Thailand

Abhishek Malaviya

Rajkot (Gujarat, India), 14 June 2024 – Making an impressionable appearance in the 2024 edition, Shaktiman placed its Mobile Shredder and Fighter rotary tiller center stage at Bangkok’s Agritechnica Asia, demonstrating the strength of the product development pipeline from India’s largest manufacturer of agricultural machinery and equipment.

Needing just 40 horse power to operate, the Mobile Shredder – a dual-purpose trailed shredder – can be used either as a fodder harvester, with a throughput of up to 8 tons per hour, or as a field clearance aid post-harvest, particularly for stalky row crops such as cotton, castor and maize.

“The Mobile Shredder is a prime example of Shaktiman’s approach to simple but effective machinery for fast cutting and shredding of forage,” says Abhishek Malaviya, International Sales Manager for Shaktiman.

“It’s been designed to make farming easier. So it has a foldable frame to make transportation easier, an inbuilt sharpener to avoid the need to remove blades, and a carefully specced cardan shaft to avoid power loss through the transmission, maintaining the ability to use the farming equipment with all but the very smallest tractors. A trolley hitch behind the main frame makes it simple to collect the shredded material, or it can be left in the field.

“It’s a farming equipment we expect to generate significant interest here in Thailand,” he notes.

A reminder of just how far Shaktiman has progressed was the presence on the stand of its Fighter range of rotary tillers. A rotary tiller was Shaktiman’s very first product in 1997; the latest Fighter model is expected to attract attention from Thailand’s rice farmers, thanks to its compact and lightweight build.

“With the four-model range weighing between 255 and 325kg, this is an incredibly lightweight machine that places smaller loads on the tractor, reducing the risk of sinking and soil compaction,” explains Abhishek.

“The entry model, with a working width of 1250mm, requires no more than 25hp. Even the FT-185, with its1805 mm width, can be successfully powered by a 35hp tractor. This really is an accessible range, with very simple mechanics to keep power requirements low and maintenance demands at a minimum.” But there is another Shaktiman product that has generated a considerable volume of inquiries among Agritechnica Asia attendees, and that is the company’s highly successful sugarcane harvester. The SSCH-3737, powered by a six-cylinder, 173hp turbocharged Cummins diesel unit driving an 1100mm topper, and boasting an advanced telemetric system, auto-cleaning and ‘glass cockpit’ to improve operator monitoring, is emblematic of the rapid progress made by the company in building a modern portfolio of quality machinery to cover every stage of the crop cycle.

“The SSCH-3737 is just one of the 107 new products we’ve launched in the last five years,” says Mr. Ashwin Gohil, Chairman of Shaktiman.

“Our extremely wide and diverse portfolio helped Shaktiman secure more than 50% of the domestic market in India, thanks to a relentless emphasis on understanding the needs of the farmer,” he adds.

Mr. Gohil says by focusing on those needs in product development, Shaktiman has curated a product offering that provides accessible farming solutions not just in India, but to farmers across the globe as the company brings its products to new customers in other regions and countries.

Agritechnica Asia also provided a valuable opportunity to highlight and strengthen the relationship Shaktiman has with its long-term dealer, Chokchai Agricultural Machinery. Established in 2001, CAM has been handling Shaktiman’s sales and servicing across Thailand for more than 7 years.

Shaktiman was one of 353 exhibitors from 28 countries taking part in Agritechnica Asia 2024. Held every two years in Bangkok, the 2024 event set new attendance records with more than 12,000 visitors, an increase of 35 percent since the previous exhibition. The statistics confirm Agritechnica Asia 2024 as the leading Asia Pacific exhibition for crop production and smart farming…

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