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Şemsi Bayraktar, Chairman of the Union of Turkish Agricultural Chambers, (TZOB), released a written statement and said, “Land (Soil) means ‘homeland’ for all of us in a sacred sense. Land, which is the first source of development, means a source of income, fertility and life in addition to its sacred meaning for our farmers who work every inch of it.”

Bayraktar, in his statement on the 76th anniversary of the Soil (Land) Festival, explained, “Taking into account the importance of soil for our producers in our country, the Law on Landing the Farmer was adopted on June 11, 1945. With this law, it is aimed that the farmers who do not have land or who are inadequate, acquire land with their families to make their living and make use of their workforce. In order to emphasize the importance of the land, the Law No. 4760 on the Land Festival was enacted in the same year.”

“With this law, the first Sunday following the date of June 11, when the Law on Landing the Farmer was adopted, is celebrated as ‘Land Festival’ every year,” Bayraktar added…

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