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Current olive oil prices make producers happy in Edremit district Balıkesir province which is one of the Turkey’s leading olive producing regions with the presence of over ten million trees.

Edremit Chamber of Commerce Assembly President Mehmet Hakkı Semerci said in a statement he made that olive oil prices have reached the figures that will please the producer for the first time after 5 years.

Reminding that the olive harvest of the 2020-2021 season in olive oil has been continuing since October, Semerci said, “Although the price of olive oil in the past years has been quite costly and even slightly above the cost, our cooperative TARİŞ has done a great job at the beginning of this year and created a base price of 28 liras. This situation has consisted a great motivation for local producers this year.”

Expressing that the producer is satisfied with the price, Semerci noted, “Maybe the increase in prices for the consumer may not be very good, but I calculated the other day, only the price increase in the fertilizer thrown into the olive tree is in the range of 44-45 percent. Therefore, if there is an increase of around 40 percent in the costs you make to obtain a product, there should be a rise in the price of that product. Otherwise, this issue would be a huge inconvenience for the farmers who produce the best oils in the world.”

Semerci added that the oils come onto the market this year are of very high quality.

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