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Scottish contractor relies on the SlurryKat build strength and quality for stress free season…

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Ed Musson, a successful and expanding agricultural contractor says he relies first and foremost on the build strength and quality of SlurryKat equipment to ensure a stress-free slurry spreading season.

Based at Bardarroch Farm in Ochiltree, Ayrshire, Ed Musson runs his successful contracting business, Ed Musson Contracting Ltd.  Ed and his wife Jennifer have been involved with contracting for over 20 years now and have built up a loyal network of customers offering all manner of work with the predominate focus on slurry and silage.

SlurryKat – Dribble Bar and Front Reeler

As the timeframes for spreading slurry narrow due to inclement weather and slurry spreading restrictions, Ed relies on SlurryKat, a Northern Ireland-based company, for all his slurry equipment needs.

According to Ed, the SlurryKat range provides him with machinery that is reliable and durable, exactly what he needs for the busy spreading season. 

Ed said: “We run a fleet of SlurryKat equipment for our slurry operations which has grown significantly since we started spreading organic waste ten years ago.

“For us, the umbilical system is the quickest method of spreading slurry, therefore we rely on good machinery that will do the job for us and not let us down.

“In my opinion SlurryKat offers the best build quality giving reliability and durability across its machinery range, including its umbilical systems. So far we have found the SlurryKat machines have never given us any trouble; it’s the foreign objects sometimes found in the slurry that can create issues,” he said.

Ed runs quite a number of SlurryKat machines including: 12m Premium Plus™ Duo Dribble Bar; 10m Premium Plus™ Duo Dribble Bar; 2 x 800m front reelers; 2 x 1,000m BakPak; Oroflex Hose; two 3,500 gallon tankers; 2,700 gallon tanker complete with 9m Farmline Dribble Bar; 2 x Doda HD35 pumps.

“We mostly use the tankers for situations where we cannot lay the pipes across a road for umbilical spreading,” Ed said. “Our longest haul is about five miles so the tankers work well in that situation too.

“With all these new slurry spreading regulations in place, it is a huge benefit that SlurryKat equipment complies with the LESS techniques. We can therefore offer our customers precise methods of applying slurry to the ground and keep emissions low at the same time.

SlurryKat – Doda pumps

“The SlurryKat Dribble Bars complete with flow meters are very efficient compared to what the messy, slow, wasteful, splash plates on tankers were. I also find the Doda pumps, supplied by SlurryKat, very straight forward and easy to use,” he said.

Another good reason for Ed using SlurryKat equipment is because dealer, S & J Allan Agricultural Engineers, is his local agent for SlurryKat and John Deere tractors, which he also uses, and is just ten miles down the road at Tarbolton.

Ed said: “It’s great to have the local SlurryKat dealer so near as they have a good supply of wearable parts ready when and if we need them.

“I find SlurryKat really does listen to its end users and takes on board what we say in terms of equipment reviews and, perhaps, recommended changes.

“SlurryKat’s attention to detail is excellent and the fact we can specify optional extras to suit our specific requirements is an added bonus.

“For example, on our tankers we added a rain gun, auto-discharge arm, air brakes, hydraulic vacuum pump, and a Doda L27 pump on the drawbar.

“Contracting is a very fast paced business, therefore we need reliable, efficient, equipment to keep us operating and SlurryKat provides exactly that,” added Ed…

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