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With the Russia-Ukraine war, food security has become an important agenda item in the world. Countries began to act protective and limit exports at the point of exporting the basic food products they produce.

Especially the war between Russia and Ukraine, one of the world’s major grain exporters, made it difficult to access these products. When India, the world’s second largest wheat producer, decided to ban wheat exports, eyes were turned to wheat. Agricultural analysis firm Gro Intelligence CEO Sara Menker, who has warned many times about the approaching food crisis, said that the world has enough wheat stocks for 10 weeks of consumption.

Sara Menker

According to the agricultural analysis firm Gro Intelligence, there is enough wheat left in the reserves to supply world consumption for 10 weeks. It is stated that this figure is the lowest level seen since the 2008 financial crisis and the level is considered to be worse than expected.


While the states argue that global wheat stocks correspond to 33 percent of annual consumption, Gro Intelligence CEO Sara Menker, speaking at the meeting on food safety at the United Nations Security Council on Thursday, said that this rate is actually close to 20 percent.

Rising crop prices put millions at risk, while droughts and rising fertilizer prices has begun to threaten grain supply in the coming period. “This is not cyclical,” said Menker, a former energy commodity trader who envisioned the food crisis before the pandemic stifled supply chains. This is a seismic crisis. “This is a once-in-a-generation event that can dramatically impact the geopolitical era,” she said.

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