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In Şanlıurfa province, quality roughage was produced in 300 thousand decares of land with the project, which was implemented 2 years ago in order to evaluate the idle lands after cotton harvest and contribute to animal husbandry.

“Quality Roughage Production Project” was implemented 2 years ago in Şanlıurfa, which was selected as a pilot province by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in order to develop livestock and to provide the required forage production. After the harvest in the province where 45 percent of the cotton produced in Turkey, cultivation was done within the scope of this prjoject in November-May period during which irrigated lands left idle.

In order to encourage the production of quality roughage, high yields were obtained from the fields where vetch, forage peas, barley and triticale were cultivated. The project, which was implemented in an area of ​​20 thousand decares for the first year, spread to larger areas as a result of the high interest of producers.

Production in an area of ​​more than 300 thousand decares, Provincial Director of Şanlıurfa Agriculture and Forestry Murat Çakmaklı said in a statement to the AA (Anadolu Agency) reporter that cotton was cultivated in most of irrigated lands in the province and the fields remained empty for about 5-6 months after the harvest. Explaining that the idle lands have been used for the production of fodder crops with the project, Çakmaklı said, “We have gained nearly half the year’s time to produce the fodder. At the same time, a production has been realized at the national level with the project.”

Emphasizing that the project draws a rising graphic thanks to the interest shown by the producers, Çakmaklı stated, “We started with 20 thousand decares for trial purposes, last year it exceeded 40 thousand decares. This year, we are producing quality roughage in more than 300 thousand decares. What we aim is to produce quality roughage in all our cotton fields. ” Pointing out that cotton cultivation is carried out in an average of 2 million decares annually in Şanlıurfa, Çakmaklı continued: “We aim to produce quality roughage in 70-80 percent of this 2 million decare area. We are one of the few provinces that are also prominent in animal husbandry. With this project, we will ensure more development of livestock. ”

Çakmaklı also noted that support was also provided to quality roughage producers, thus farmers benefited from both cotton and quality roughage support in the same year. –

The milk yield of the animals has increased with quality roughage…

Pointing out that the highest input cost in livestock is the feed, Çakmaklı added, “It will make a great contribution to the livestock industry thanks to the quality roughage production. In addition to that those who are engaged in animal husbandry in the region show interest in the project. Our producers dealing with animal husbandry meet their feed needs with the highest input cost by producing quality roughage. They said it increased to 27-28 kilograms after feeding with roughage instead of having 21-22 kilograms. This feed plant provides 20 percent milk yield increase in animals. This is due to the high protein value of quality roughage. 70 percent of the main input item in livestock is feed. So if you produce the feed by yourself you can maintain the sustainability in your business.”

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