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Minister of Trade Ruhsar Pekcan, in her written statement, said that they aim to increase the efficiency of the supply and distribution chains of exporters and ensure that export products are delivered to new markets in the most efficient way and in this context, creating the necessary infrastructure facilities that will increase export performance in important markets is among the priorities of the Ministry.

Stating that they are working towards the establishment of international logistics centres (YDLM) in line with this goal, Pekcan reminded that the Decision on Supporting Foreign Logistics Centers was published in the Official Gazette on October 14.

It will be established in strategic regions, will increase the competitive power…

Pointing out that YDLMs are aimed to consist of areas that offer services such as storage, loading and unloading, handling, shipping, load consolidation and division related to Turkish export products, Pekcan said, “We are planning to set up these foreign logistics centres in strategic regions of Africa, America, Europe, Russia and Far East while targeting Turkish products to be delivered at the fastest and most cost-effective ways.”

“Thus Turkish products with these logistic centres will be reached in an easier way to new markets,” Pekcan added.

“Turkey will improve competitiveness in international markets through these centres which will assume the task of a distribution center. Therefore, with these centres, sustainable export growth will be achieved for these regions. We will establish the logistics centres as soon as possible, in a way that can serve in line with the demands and needs of our exporters,” Pekcan concluded…

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