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Rose oil price reaches 12 thousand euros!

Produced in Türkiye and sold to the world! The price of rose oil per litre approached 425 thousand liras!

In Mediterranean province of Isparta, which meets 65 percent of the world rose oil production, the price of rose oil has exceeded 12 thousand euros per litre. Although the yield remained low due to unfavourable climatic conditions, Isparta rose and rose oil became a worldwide brand.

In Isparta, which meets 65 percent of the world rose oil production, the price per litre of rose oil, the raw material of the cosmetics industry, is astonishing. The price of 1 litre of rose oil obtained by boiling tonnes of rose flowers is expected to be over 12 thousand euros.

In Isparta region, the rose garden of Türkiye, the rose flower harvest continues uninterruptedly. The roses collected in the early hours of the morning are delivered to the factories after being weighed on the scales. In the factories, rose oil and rose water are obtained from rose flowers. A kilogram of rose oil, which is used in cosmetics and perfumery in the world market and rose to 12 thousand Euros last year, is obtained from approximately 4 tonnes of rose flowers.

Nafiz Koçak


Stating that the harvest started early in Isparta this year due to the climatic conditions, Gülbirlik Deputy General Manager Nafiz Koçak said that roses are collected early in the morning every day and transported to their factories with their own organisations and transports and the journey of roses to the factories for processing begins.

“The roses coming to the factory are subjected to processing in the early hours. They are transferred to the boilers to be boiled by our workers and subjected to a boiling process of about two hours and at the end of the day, we now produce roses as raw material,” he said.

Pointing out that the annual rainfall rate is low this year, Koçak added, “The rainy season is very important for the rose. The fact that the rain feeds the rose means that the rose is of better quality and the oil ratio is better. This year, since it could not catch the rainy season of last year, there were some problems in the region with frost and some hail conditions, which brought the desired yields down a little. This year, according to our calculations and evaluations, a yield of over 10-11 thousand tonnes is expected despite these conditions.”

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