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Union of Turkish Agricultural Chambers (TZOB), since 2007, has been working through so as not be allowed to pre-Ramadan opportunism. During this Ramadan, we will continue to inform the public by following the producer and market prices.

It is important to meet the food needs of our citizens completely and to eat healthy during Ramadan. All eyes are on food prices this month. All segments should act responsibly, increasing demand should not be abused, Ramadan opportunism should not be done and measures should be taken in a timely manner.

During the pandemic, our farmers continue to work with all their might to ensure that there is no shortage of food from our tables and that our people can eat healthy.

Before the month of Ramadan, the price difference of the producer and the market reached up to 8 times. In the previous month, the price difference in the producer market soared by approximately 5 times. Because while our producers sell their products at low prices, our consumers consume them dearly.

We will realize the month of Ramadan this year, during the pandemic process. For this reason, all segments of society should act with common sense and speculators who want to play with the bread of our people should not be given the opportunity.

Our farmers will work to ensure that our citizens, who will continue to produce, can have iftar (fast-breaking meal) and protect their health without feeling the lack of food this Ramadan, so that there is no shortage of food from the tables.
We have to support our farmers and ensure that they continue to produce so that there is no shortage of food supply.

Otherwise, there will be problems in producing food products or we will not be able to buy them because they are too expensive.

Adequate and balanced nutrition is essential for a healthy life. During this period of struggle against the pandemic, the importance of food security and agricultural production has been better understood. The devoted (altruistic) Turkish farmer continued to produce despite all difficulties.

It is necessary to be careful about the delivery of the produced food to the consumer and to take precautions to avoid problems in the marketing process. Access to fresh food should be ensured for our consumers waiting for their iftar in Ramadan.

According to market prices before Ramadan, which were evaluated in the 8-day period between 30 March and 7 April, there was no price change for 3 products, there was a decrease in 12 products and an increase in the price of 25 products.

These increases in prices before the Ramadan begins indicate that speculative activities have started. All segments should act responsibly, the increased demand should not be abused, the Ramadan month should not be opportunistic and the measures should be taken on time.

Şemsi Bayraktar,

Union of Turkish Agricultural Chambers (TZOB) Chairperson

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