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Minister Yumaklı said, “I would like to say that the research of the product that can be produced in a greenhouse environment in the capital of grapes like Manisa and can be harvested twice a year has been completed and that the applications of the producers related to the production of these products will begin.”

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry İbrahim Yumaklı attended the grape harvest at Manisa Viticulture Research Institute. Minister Yumaklı explained, “We are in Manisa Viticulture Research Institute, where this research institute has been continuing different production methods related to table grapes for a long time. The first harvest was made in June and in December, in other words, it has become possible to harvest table grapes twice a year.

“The advantage of this is, first of all, a 35 percent saving in production inputs such as fertiliser and water. Likewise, the use of pesticides is almost non-existent here. Again, there are advantages related to labour. There are advantages related to air conditioning. In periods when there is no product, for example, we harvest grapes in December,” Yumaklı added.

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