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Davut Er said, “Sustainable and recyclable products should be used in packaging”

Davut Er, Chairman of Aegean Olive and Olive Oil Exporters’ Association (EZZİB), pointed out that the use of recycled packaging products in food products will be beneficial both in terms of cyclical economy and health.

Stating that if recyclable packaging is made in all products, environmental pollution will be minimized, Davut Er noted, “We have no waste in this situation. A sustainable and livable world is our wish. R&D studies (Research and Development) should continue for zero waste in packaging of agriculture and agriculture-based products.”

“We can create a livable world by nourishing us with healthy products. The longest-lived people of our country live in Nazilli district of Aydın province. The main reason for this is that they consume olive oil and figs, which are healthy products that are both stomach and environmentally friendly,” Davut Er added…

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