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“We rank first in raisin exports across the world”

Bekir Pakdemirli, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, said that Turkey is one of the richest countries in terms of biodiversity.

Pakdemirli said, “Our country, which is the gene centre of the vine, as in many products; It has an old and deep-rooted tradition in viticulture and has become a brand in the world as it is in raisins and hazelnuts. We are in the 5th place in the world in terms of vineyard area. And most importantly, we rank 1st in raisin exports in the world.”

Stating that this is an indication proving the world’s highest quality grapes are grown in these lands, Pakdemirli noted, “In addition, Izmir is a province that has succeeded in transforming grapes into a value-added product. In 2019, we exported about 672 million dollars of table and dried grapes. That means 4 percent of agricultural exports come from grapes. According to the studies conducted by the Grape Yield Estimation Commissions, we estimate the seedless raisin harvest as 271 thousand tons in 2020.”

“We will not reduce the price of raisins below 12.5 liras this year”

Indicated that they also know the expectations of farmers this year, Minister Pakdemirli explained, “As you know, we announced the prices of raisins as 12.5 liras on August 27. Currently, there are 15 thousand tons of appointments made in just one week to deliver raisins to Turkish Grain Board (TMO). I have stated that I want TMO to buy at least 50 thousand tons of raisins, but current indicators point out that we have exceeded the 50 thousand tons target. I would like to repeat and underline that we will not reduce the price of raisins below 12.5 liras this year,”

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