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Chairperson of Turkish National Pulses Council (UBK) Abdullah Özdemir said that Turkey has become a net exporter by making foreign sales of pulses worth 973 million dollars in the last three years.

Özdemir also stated that a foreign trade surplus of 125 million dollars occurred during this period.

Noting that the difference payment support, started in 2008 for pulses, was increased to 50 kurush (kuruş) per kilogram by 2020, Özdemir said, “The diesel and fertilizer support, which was initiated as a total of 4 lira per decare in 2005, has been recently heightened to 30 lira.

“125 million dollars of foreign trade surplus”

Indicating that the interest in products has soared with the positive studies in the sector, Özdemir explained, “We export the most to Iraq, Sudan and Germany. Besides our country has become a net exporter in the last three years in terms of monetary value in pulses foreign trade. In the same period, our pulses import amounted to 848 million dollars.”

“During this period, a foreign trade surplus of 125 million dollars obtained, which is extremely important. It is an important indicator that the policies implemented and the supports provided have started to reach their goals. It escalate our hopes for the future of the industry,” Özdemir added.

Pointing out that the basin-based support model should be reconsidered, Özdemir concluded, “By promoting the development of high value-added products and expanding successful pilot projects, we can preserve the net exporter position we have caught in pulses foreign trade.”

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