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Producers expect olive surge despite previous challenges…

Türkiye’s olive producers, who faced significant challenges last year with low yield and olive oil prices surpassing 300 Turkish Liras (9 dollar), are optimistic about the upcoming season.

The Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK – TURKSTAT) forecasts a remarkable 90.8 percent increase in olive production.

Mustafa Tan

Experts in Türkiye’s olive-growing regions predict yields will exceed last year’s by at least 50 percent, provided that there are no extreme climatic disruptions.

Mustafa Tan, head of the National Olive and Olive Oil Council (UZZK), anticipates a “year of abundance” for olives, signaling a positive outlook despite potential localized issues.

“Agriculture is like an open factory,” Tan said. “If the temperature rises to 50 degrees Celsius, negativities may occur.”

Ahmet Akbuğa

Regional agricultural leaders echo this optimism. Manisa Akhisar Chamber of Agriculture Head Ahmet Akbuğa highlighted the favorable temperature increases, forecasting a substantial yield boost.

If conditions remain stable, the region could produce 300,000 tonnes this year, compared to 130,000 tonnes last year.

Ali Yılmaz Diker

Heads of Bursa Mudanya and Aydın Nazilli chambers of agriculture both report better fruit conditions this season and expect more than a 50 percent yield increase.

Meanwhile, Ali Yılmaz Diker, head of Balıkesir Edremit chamber of agriculture, emphasized the ideal flower time in their region, resulting in a promising crop outlook. Despite high costs, he stressed the importance of supporting producers to maintain strong export performance.

Veyis Avcı

Wholesale olive oil prices in the Aegean province of Manisa are currently between 200-250 liras per litre, with an observed price drop to 180 liras following the lifting of an export ban.

Veyis Avcı, head of the Mersin Tarsus Chamber of Agriculture, mentioned that last year’s yield loss was up to 80 percent due to climatic conditions, but this year, only a 15 percent loss is expected.

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