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Müjdat Sezer, Chairman of the Board of Istanbul Fisheries and Animal Products Exporters’ Association (ISHIB), said that the poultry industry produces above world standards with its quality and technology.

Sezer said, “Thanks to the position of our country, we have the means to send our products to the whole world. In this direction, with the support of our Ministry of Agriculture along with Ministry of Trade and the efforts of our exporters, our export of poultry products sector has opened to Japan and China, which are the world’s most important food importers. Our quality and value added products have started to be sent to these countries.”

Stating that the effect of exports to these two countries on the total export figures of the sector will be seen gradually, Sezer added, “On the other hand, our most important goal for the poultry products sector in the coming period is the European Union countries, which is right next to us, because of its wide geography and being a safe door for trade. First of all, opening our transit trade exports from these countries and then obtaining permission to export directly poultry products is the most important target for our industry.”

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