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Plant-based and dark chocolates on the rise!

The sweetest trends: Plant-based and dark chocolates on the rise!

Ahead of 7 June, World Chocolate Day, Taste Tomorrow research has revealed the top chocolate trends. The research, which reveals that foods such as chocolate, which positively affect mental health, are gaining more importance and that consumers now prefer chocolate and cocoa products that farmers are sure to receive a fair income, draws attention to the rapid growth of the plant-based chocolate market, while dark chocolates are gaining more attention.

Puratos, which offers innovative products to the artisan, food and retail sectors with more than a century of experience in bakery, pastry and chocolate, announced the chocolate trends revealed by Taste Tomorrow research ahead of World Chocolate Day on 7 June. The research, which is the result of regular surveys with consumers in 50 countries and artificial intelligence technology that constantly monitors online media, summarises the trends shaping the chocolate world this year as follows:

Chocolate is food for the soul!

Many people today consider chocolate to be an important part of a healthy diet. Especially since a positive mood is recognised as part of good health, foods that make us happy, such as chocolate, are becoming more important. Foods that contribute to our general well-being by lifting our spirits, such as chocolate, are of great interest…

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