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According to a survey, concerns about environmental problems affect food purchasing habits. 60 percent of consumers are sensitive to the environmental impact of their food and drink.

Consumers will eat “healthier” after the pandemic!

In a survey conducted by FMCG Gurus, 83% of consumers globally stated that they would eat healthier after the pandemic.

Stating that versatile functional ingredients are the biggest helpers of food manufacturers while responding to the growing consumer demand for healthier food and beverage products, BENEO Marketing Director Thomas Schmidt summarizes the trends for the future of food as follows:

“Not surprisingly, attention to general health and mental health is high on the consumer agenda in the trends for the functional foods and beverages of the future. Also, with reduced mobility and exercise opportunities, well-positioned innocent snacks are increasingly in demand.

Environmental concerns are on the rise…

Concerns about environmental issues are also growing as a result of COVID-19. In particular, it stems from the concern that environmental problems such as air pollution can cause respiratory problems or make the body more vulnerable to diseases.

The new FMCG Gurus study commissioned by BENEO points out that concern about environmental issues is changing purchasing patterns. 60% of consumers now pay more attention to the environmental impact of food and beverages. The growing interest in cleaner and clearer labels that support naturalness is advantageous for functional ingredients with nutritional benefits and sustainable resource use.

Looking for a healthier diet and products that support life…

All in all, we are observing that technology that increases transparency in the food and beverage supply chain is growing. This will not only encourage food and beverage brands to be more ethical, but will also help play a key role in food safety.

Demand for plant-based products grows…

Demand for plant-based products has also accelerated with COVID-19. New developments are underway in the field of meat, dairy and egg substitute products to support semi-vegetarian, vegetarian and vegan lifestyle choices.

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