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Dr. Ayşegül Selışık: The Nobel Peace Prize shows that peace and food stand side by side

Reminding that World Food Day is celebrated with the theme of “Grow, Nourish, Sustain. Together. Our actions are our future.”, Dr. Ayşegül Selışık said that supporting food security provision means supporting peace in the world.

October 12, 2020, Istanbul –

Dr. Ayşegül Selışık who was the special guest of a TV programme broadcast on Medyascope TV by Alp Akiş, on the the occasion of World Food Day and the 75th anniversary of Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) underlined that food and agriculture have taken hold of the centre in our lives because of the Covid-19.

Nobel Peace Prize 2020 goes to World Food Programme ((WFP)

Stating that there are interruptions in the supply chains and food losses due to the closing of the borders and the slowdown of trade during pandemic process, FAO Deputy Representative of Turkey Dr. Ayşegül Selışık referred to the practices implemented by FAO to combat the effects of COVID-19.

Pointing out that in terms of Food and agriculture, Asia and sub-Saharan African countries hit hard most by the pandemic, compared to other regions, Dr. Selışık shared the information about the research that they carried out with UNDP and IFAD to be published soon so as to understand the effects of Covid-19 on food and agricultural sector in Turkey,

Referring to the importance of digitalization in agriculture, Dr. Selışık reminded that 80 percent of the people who produce food in the world are small family farmers and stated the necessity of bringing innovations in agriculture together with small family farmers.

Based on the findings of the Food Safety and Nutrition Status in the World 2020 (SOFI 2020) report, Dr. Selışık stated that COVID-19 negatively affects the current increase in the number of hungry people across the world and that obesity in adults and malnutrition in children are important problems on a global scale.

Answering the question of whether hunger is a contradiction in the world despite the production of enough food for people, Dr. Selışık added that the world population has increased, we need to think about making food systems sustainable by changing existing production techniques and integrating new technologies.

Underlining the negative effects of unexpected natural disasters, climate change, economic crises, conflicts, wars and migration on food systems, Dr. Selışık emphasized that hungry people are mostly concentrated in countries where climate crises and conflicts are experienced.

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