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Akdeniz University Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Field Crops Lecturer Dr. Taner Akar said that when fertilization and irrigation of wheat is done with the right method and timing, the quality and yield will increase.

According to the statement made by Antalya Commodity Exchange (ATB), Pre-Harvest Cereal Sector Analysis Meeting was held under the chairmanship of ATB Deputy Chairman Halil Bülbül with a video conference system.

In his speech at the meeting, Professor Taner Akar stated that the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic once again showed how strategic wheat is for humanity.

Akar pointed out that the planting areas of such an important product are getting narrower every year and it is worrying that the planting area of ​​such a strategic product will gradually decrease.

Emphasizing that the yield obtained from the unit area should be increased despite the decrease of the area, Akar added, “When fertilization and irrigation is done with the right method and timing, the yield and quality will increase in the wheat.”

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