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Palandöken: Advance Payments Relieve Farmers And Also Tradesmen

Turkey Tradesmen and Artisans Confederation (TESK) Chairman Bendevi Palandöken, stating that down payment to farmers will relieve markets, said if farmers get the prepayment, it becomes water of life.

Palandöken, in his written statement, said that if advance payments are made by taking into account of the base prices of wheat, tea, nuts, olives and the other products, in this case both producers and artisans will be happy.

Palandöken added: “Most importantly, the farmer will be able to pay the debt to our tradesmen on time and to get products of the next year cheaper. The cost will be reduced because of cash payment. Prices will tend to fall instead of price hike. Otherwise, after a few months, the farmer is in a difficult situation and he has to go to the merchant and sell his product below his price.”

Palandöken, noting that the number of farmers decreased, also pointed out that the fall should be prevented in order to become a self-sufficient country in agriculture.

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