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Ramazan Özcan, Chairman of Malatya Commodity Exchange, said that despite the recent negative developments in the world, dried apricot exports continue rapidly.

Özcan said, “Hopefully, we are making an effort to carry our dried apricot exports to the points we target by completing the months of March and April in a healthy way.”

Stating that they are taking firm steps towards the target of 500 million dollars with an annual export of 100 thousand tonnes, Özcan said that exports to China, which is a new market in apricot exports, continues.

Expressing that the exports to China have increased significantly compared to the previous year, Özcan noted, “In China, where we exported 2 thousand 975 tonnes of dried apricots, we earned 8 million 232 thousand dollars in return. This is a very important rate for us.”

Pointing out that an important point for them in this year’s export is the export of approximately 1,207 tonnes of dried apricots to Kazakhstan, where only 20 tonnes were exported last year, Özcan added, “When we look at the past years, we have exported very limited amounts especially to Kazakhstan. But this year, we exported 1,207 tonnes of dried apricots and earned 2 million 207 thousand dollars in revenue.”

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