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Birol Celep: “Our farmer is the world leader in production, we are in exports”

Reminding that Turkey is the world leader in the production of seedless raisins, dried figs and dried apricots, Chairman of the Aegean Dried Fruits and Products Exporters’ Association, Birol Celep pointed out that these products are much higher than Turkey’s demand, therefore the way to sustainable production in three products is through exports.

“We, as Turkish exporters, have successfully sold out of our export-dependent figs, grapes and apricots for centuries, bringing over 1 billion dollars in foreign currency returns to our country every year. Our export figure with our other dried fruit products approaches 1.5 billion dollars,” Celep added.

“In this way, we are preparing the ground for our farmers to continue their production. I congratulate our farmers, who make world-class healthy production and make all stakeholders in the agricultural sector smile,” Celep concluded.

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