Within the framework of the COVID-19 Conferences organized by TGDF (Federation of Food and Drink Industry Associations of Turkey) Academy, Poultry Meat and Feed Sector problems and their experiences during the epidemic were discussed. The conference was followed by a large group of participants, where the problems of the industry were defined and solution suggestions were discussed.

The Conference was moderated by İlknur Menlik, General Secretary of TGDF. Chairman of the Board of Turkish Poultry Meat Producers and Breeders’ Association Dr. Sait Koca and the Chairman of Turkey Feed Industrialists’ Association Ülkü Karakuş participated in the event as speakers.

Noting that they did not leave the shelves empty, Dr. Sait Koca said, “We explained previously that no disruption had been experienced. However such countries USA or England has had troubles regarding poultry meat supply.”

Stating that they increase production in March and April under normal conditions, Dr. Sait Koca said, “This is the picnic season and Ramadan as usual. But we have been caught pandemic with a high production. The curfew badly impacted our industry while we tried to balance surplus production. We couldn’t sell the products during the curfew and we had very serious stocks.”

“Our employees deserve thanks”

He also touched on the dedication of food industry staff and he added, “Our greatest happiness is that our employees gave us a lot of support during this period and they continue to do so. Thank them all so much. Food workers also deserve great appreciation after the healthcare professionals.”

Dr. Sait Koca continued as follows: “We were very happy with the decisions taken by our Health and Trade Ministries in order to support exports to Iraq, the country we export most after the emergence of the pandemic. Besides, in this period, TMO (Turkish Grain Board) continued its support to the sector without delay. They made lots of efforts to keep grain prices in balance.”

While drawing attention to the activities of TGDF, Dr. Koca emphasized, “They have accomplished very successful works and continue do that. I would like to express my gratitude to the TGDF Board and all its employees for these efforts.”

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