A new project in animal husbandry is being implemented with the partnership of Turkey Cattle Breeders’ Association and Ziraat Bank.

Turkey Cattle Breeders’ Association (TDSYMB) Chairman Kamil Özcan said that the project would be a milestone for the livestock sector in Turkey.

Kamil Özcan said, “Currently, we have started supplying roughage and heifers in 5 cities. Our breeders will no longer fall into the hands of opportunists from now on.”

Kamil Özcan, on his visit to Alamut Heifer Breeding Centre of Aydın Province Cattle Breeders’ Association, expressed the details of the partnership between Ziraat Bank and emphasized the benefits to the Turkish livestock.

Stating that whether with the population of its livestock or its climate and vegetation, Turkey should never be dependent upon the other countries in animal husbandry, Özcan noted, “Unfortunately, millions of dollars are spent for the import of animals. That’s why we have formed a partnership with Ziraat Bank.”

Özcan added, “Within the scope of this partnership, all producers throughout the country will now be supplied with roughage and breeding heifers.”

Pointing out that another feature of the project is that domestication and nationalization in livestock will be provided, thus breeders and producers will be protected from opportunists, Özcan continued as follows:

“This project for the benefit of the country should be supported and protected. A cooperation model was developed and a business partnership was established by Ziraat Bank and our Association in order to improve, protect and increase the stock of female breeding animals and to contribute to price stability in the dairy breeding market.”

Indicating that this is a system that breeders have dreamed of for years, now has come into play with this partnership, Mehmet Sedat Güngör, Provincial Chairman of Aydın Cattle Breeders’ Association, concluded, “We aim to find solutions to the difficulties of our breeders in supplying healthy, high quality heifers and high quality roughage along with selling their female calves at prices below market conditions. We also plan to contribute to the termination of animal imports through this cooperation. Furthermore what we also aim is to make our country as a cattle exporter.”

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