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Osman Parlak, Deputy Chairman of the Fisheries Centre Union and Chairman of Samsun-Sinop Region Fisheries Breeders’ Association, said that the war between Russia and Ukraine had severely disrupted the 250 million dollar Turkish Salmon market, especially to Russia.

Osman Parlak said, “We export 80 percent of Turkish salmon to Russia. This is over 250 million dollars. Especially in the last 10 years, we have established great connections to reach this figure. We have caught it by knitting stitch by stitch. The Turkish salmon has a large market in Russia. As long as this war continues, we will not be able to catch these figures. Our exports will be affected this year due to the economic embargo applied to Russia.”

Osman Parlak'a Önemli Görev
Osman Parlak

“We do our exports indirectly. However, the embargo is also there. No one asks for fish when there is a war. We continue to look for alternative markets so that this 250 million dollar market will be affected as little as possible. We accelerated our search in the case of China and South Korea, where we have been in talks for a while. Our contacts continue. We expect the war to end as soon as possible. Russia is a huge market for Turkish salmon and we don’t want to lose it,” he added.

“We have made Turkish salmon a registered trademark”

Stating that their goal in this sector is to enter the league of giants, Osman Parlak concluded, “Turkish salmon will constitute one of the biggest items of our country’s export target in 2023. Our target is to export 100 thousand tonnes of salmon fish in 2023 and to export 500 million dollars. Our target for 2030 is 200 thousand tonnes and export 1 billion dollars.”

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