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Press release…

Expressing that the World Health Organization (WHO) has included raisins in the list of healthy products, while strengthens immunity in the human body, Chairman of Turkey Dried Fruits Industry Board Osman Öz said, “It is expected that the domestic consumption of raisin producing countries is 550 thousand 448 tons.”

“The amount of exportable seedless raisins, in 2020 across the world is projected to be 887 thousand 423 tons. It is also estimated that 677 thousand 310 tons of this amount could be exported. As Turkey, we aim to 241 thousand tons of exports. If we reach our goal, we will have done 36 percent of it alone,” Öz noted.

“We invite our people to increase the consumption of seedless raisins, which have natural sugar quality, that increase immunity in the human body, in the process that the Covid-19 epidemic threatens the whole world,” Öz added.

America’s production fell 95 thousand tons in 5 years …

Underlining that Turkish exporters dominate the world raisin market, Öz explained, “As a Turkish exporter, we are reaping the fruits of our efforts to export Turkish raisins with more added value. Our Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry continues its support through the Turkish Grain Board (TMO). Turkish exporter sells an average of 230-250 thousand tons of raisins every year.”

“On the other hand the seedless raisin production of the United States was 291 thousand tons in 2015, but today it has declined to 196 thousand tons. Their production has decreased by 95 thousand tons in the last 5 years. We estimate that the decline in the grape production of America will continue,” Öz concluded…


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