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Osman Akar, Erzurum Provincial Director of Agriculture and Forestry, made an assessment of the situation after the Feast of Sacrifice.

Akar said, “We shipped more than 30 thousand cattle, nearly 32 thousand small ruminants outside the province. Erzurum is the capital of livestock farming.”

Erzurum province, one of Turkey’s most important agriculture and animal husbandry regions has met the expectations of the Feast of the Sacrifice.

According to the information obtained, 99 percent of the animals for sacrifice in the province were sold. Over 30 thousand cattle and 32 thousand small cattle (ovines) were shipped outside the province.

“Erzurum is the capital in animal husbandry”

Stating that there was a 25 percent increase in animal sales this year compared to the previous year, Osman Akar noted, “Erzurum is the capital of livestock with approximately 827 thousand cattle and approximately 800 thousand small ruminants. The sacrifice period with this much animal presence is also very much expected. So the period of sacrifice has been very productive in Erzurum province. 21 thousand sheep and goats were slaughtered.”

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