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One kilogram of Anzer honey will be sold at 1000 liras…

Renowned Anzer honey, produced between 2300-3000 altitude in İkizdere district of Rize province in Black Sea region, is known to be good for many diseases.

In order to produce this unique honey each year in June, one hundred families with approximately 2,500 hives are placed in the plateau according to the rate of sunshining.

While the weather conditions are decisive in annual honey production, Caucasian breed bees are preferred because of its production quality and suitability for weather conditions.

Beekeepers locating their beehives in cages to avoid damaging the bears, milking honey in August and September according to the weather conditions and the abundance of flowering. A certain amount of honey is left in the hive to feed the bee.

Honey collected from beekeepers united under the roof of Anzer Ballıköy Agricultural Development Cooperative are registered and sealed to the market after the pollen analysis is carried out in Biology Department of Hacettepe University Faculty of Science.

Patients have the priority!

In recent years, because of the intensity of demands, “high cash” Anzer honey, which gives priority to patients in the cooperative management, is selling grams to meet the demands.

Osman Civelek, President of Anzer Ballıköy Agricultural Development Cooperative, said in a statement to AA correspondent, expressing that production was low in 2018, this year due to the good weather conditions increase yields, approximately from 2 thousand 500 hives 2.5 tons of honey is expected.

Civelek pointed out that the demand increases every year, “Every year there are dangling orders from the previous period. Last year, 1500 people applied. There is a demand from the past about 1.5 tons. This year’s demand will try to meet all. The fact that it is very fruitful will allow us to receive quality pollen” he said.

The economic situatiton taken into consideration when the price is determined…

Civelek also noted that they carry out a price policy considering the economic balances and continued as follows:

“We have determined the price of one kg Anzer honey as one thousand liras, half kilogram is 500 liras. Pollen prices of 100 grams 140, 200 grams 250, 400 grams as 500 liras. We could not increase prices much because of the economic contraction in the country.

Referring to the demands of domestic and overseas, “Last year we sold honey to our Arab guests. This year we again accumulate demands. Sports community has the requests of the players. This year we will try to meet the high yield of honey harvest” he added.

Fighting against fake Anzer honey…

“There exist some imitations of Anzer honey on the market unfortunately, so we change the packaging every year. Meanwhile consumers should pay attention to cooperative label, wet seal and barcodes. If not those products should not be preferred. On the other hand works of geographical signs came to the last stage. After obtaining this fighting against fake honey will be easier” he concluded.

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