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Target export in electric tractor

Önder Yol, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ZY Electric Tractor, stated that the export studies for the electric tractor are continuing and said, “Our contacts keep on, especially with sister countries.”

Önder Yol, in his statement, said that they are working for the production of 3 types of electric tractor, as “Small, medium and large size”, which is planned to start mass production in June.

Underlining that small electric tractors will be easy to sell to farmers and their first choice is Turkish farmers, Yol said that a system where all farmers can buy tractors will be established.

Explaining that they are working for the export of electric tractors, Yol noted, “We have the obligation to export. As long as orders increase, we will focus on exports. We continue our export work for 3 types of electric tractors. Our contacts, especially with sister countries, continue. We will exhibit 3 of our tractors at the fair to be held in Germany in November. We think we will make serious connections there.”

Battery life about 12 years…

Indicating that the batteries in the world are made in China due to the raw material used, Yol explained that they established a partnership in this country for the production of batteries of the electric tractor.

Pointing out that batteries should be thought of as a nut or bolt, Yol underlined, “The important thing is the battery management systems. We believe we have the best battery management systems in the world right now and as a civilian company that can do this, we are in the top 3 in the world.”

Emphasizing that the life of batteries is enough to be filled and used approximately 4 thousand times, Yol said that this corresponds to approximately 12 years according to usage. Yol expressed that with the additions made to the batteries, they could increase the service life to 20 years.

“There are nearly 40 software on the tractor”

Reminding that it is possible to use the tractor without driver, Önder Yol concluded:

“There are about 40 software on the tractor. All of these software are produced by us. All cards are designed by us, they work with our software. The domestic rate of the project is about 90 percent. The most important element is the software. It is useless without software. It is the most advanced in the world. we are on the level.”

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