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Press release…

New era begins in the catering industry…

Nilsen Makine, the domestic player of the catering industry, leads the professional catering industry to keep up with the age with automatic catering machines produced with domestic facilities. Nilsen Makine Owner Önder Mutlu said, “A new era will begin in the professional kitchen industry with automatic catering machines operating with 100 percent efficiency.”

Nilsen Makine, the domestic manufacturer of the industrial kitchen world, has realised a first in the world with its automatic catering machines produced domestically and patented by itself. The company, which has started a new era in the sector with its products, helps professional kitchens at home and abroad on the road to digitalisation.

Önder Mutlu

“The world’s only automatic catering machines are produced in Türkiye”

“We support our customers in opening the doors of a new era with our products used in 1000s of kitchens of more than 50 brands at home and abroad. I think that the interest in the automatic catering machines, which are patented by us and unique in the world, is a promising development both for our company and for the future of our country. Our machines, which are manufactured in Türkiye, will soon cook for millions of people in every corner of the world,” Mutlu added.

100 percent efficiency with catering machines…

Stating that they aim to lead the development of the world industrial kitchen sector with the spark they started from Türkiye, Mutlu concluded, “A new era will begin in the professional kitchen industry. The catering machines we have developed as a result of our R&D studies break new ground in terms of hygiene and saving, revealing the most perfect for producers and consumers. Our products provide 100 percent efficiency in kitchens. Our products, which are used in more than 100 professional kitchens in the country, are used in 10 countries abroad, especially in the USA, Saudi Arabia and Austria.”

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