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Ömer Celal Umur: Tobacco production in Russia and Ukraine may shift to Türkiye

Press release…

Ömer Celal Umur, Chairman of the Aegean Tobacco Exporters’ Association, stated that there are hints that the Russia-Ukraine war in Türkiye’s close geography will have positive reflections on the country’s exports of tobacco products.

Ömer Celal Umur

Emphasizin that some of the productions in Russia and Ukraine may be made in Türkiye in the coming period, Umur said, “This development will lead to a spike in Türkiye’s exports of tobacco products.”

Increase in labour costs challenges our competitiveness in oriental tobacco

Informing that Türkiye’s classical competitors in oriental tobacco production are Bulgaria, Greece and Macedonia, Umur explained, “We are competitive today compared to these countries. However, we are not competitive compared to non-oriental tobacco types that are made with less labour and mechanisation. The increase in labour costs and the low yield of oriental tobacco negatively affect our competitiveness.”

“To give an example; if you plant Aegean tobacco on 10 decares of land, you get approximately 1 tonne. When you plant large-leaf Virginia type tobacco on a land of the same size, you get 3 tonnes. The collection and crushing of Virginia type tobacco can be done mechanically and it is easier. This negatively affects the competitiveness of Turkish type tobacco,” Umur added…

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