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Oksana Lut: Russia achieves food self-sufficiency in many areas

The plenary session Technological Support of Food Security” was held at the RUSSIA EXPO on the Food Security Day of the Technical Leadership Week. It was attended by Minister of Agriculture Oksana Lut, representatives of federal agencies, science, business and industry organizations. The participants discussed a wide range of issues in the field of agro-industrial complex (AIC) and tasks for the near future. 

May, 2024

Oksana Lut spoke about the realization of a number of national development goals of the Russian Federation, defined by Presidential Decree No. 309 – “Sustainable and Dynamic Economy”, “Technological Leadership” and “Comfortable and Safe Environment for Life”. In particular, they provide for an increase in the volume of agricultural production by at least 25% compared to the level of 2021, and exports – by at least 1.5 times, ensuring technological independence in the field of food security, improving the quality of living environment in key population centers.

The Minister emphasized that in many areas Russia has already achieved food self-sufficiency. Also, in recent years, the country has made a huge leap in the development of exports of agribusiness products. Now the industry is entering a new cycle, and one of the key tasks to achieve the goals set by the President is to ensure technological sovereignty.

For this purpose, work is currently underway on the national project “Technological Provision of Food Security”. Its implementation will make it possible to reduce dependence on imports in a number of important areas.

The national project will include eight federal projects: “Breeding and Genetic Independence of the Agro-industrial Complex”, “Provision of the AIC with Critical Enzymes, Food and Feed Additives”, “Provision of the AIC with Domestic Veterinary Medicines and Vaccines”, “Technical and Technological Independence in the Agricultural Machinery Industry”, “Technical and Technological Independence of Livestock Breeding, Food and Processing Industry”, “Technological Independence of Plant Protection Products Production”, “Domestic Fleet for the Needs of Agro-industrial Complex and Fishery Complex”, “Human Resources and Scientific Support of AIC and FC”.

Oksana Lut

The Head of the Ministry of Agriculture spoke about the plans of work in these areas, emphasizing that our country should and has all the opportunities to produce its own means of production, enzymes, food and feed additives, veterinary drugs, vaccines and other types of products.

Speaking about the results of the implementation of the state program of comprehensive development of rural areas, Oksana Lut noted that the ongoing work allows to retain people in small settlements, create jobs, comfortable housing, modern infrastructure. The financing of the state program is increasing every year. At the same time, the synchronization of all existing programs that provide for measures to develop rural areas is currently under discussion. This will speed up the work on improving the quality of life of people.

Oksana Lut expressed confidence that the industry will cope with all the tasks, as it has done many times before. She thanked Russian business, which has achieved outstanding results, and noted that Russia is a great country in the field of agribusiness…

Source: en.russia.ru/news

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