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Oğulcan Kemal Sagun: We should describe Turkish salmon correctly

Describing Turkish salmon correctly…

Norway is the world’s largest producer of farmed Atlantic salmon. Norway also carries out significant catches of small pelagic species such as cod and deep-water fish species. Salmon is the product group that Türkiye and Norway are most at odds with each other.

Oğulcan Kemal Sagun

Explaining that Turkish salmon and Norwegian salmon come from the same family, Oğulcan Kemal Sagun, Vice President of Istanbul Fisheries and Animal Products Exporters’ Association (İSHİB), said, “Norway has made its salmon a trend with marketing efforts and state support. Today, even in our stalls, while Turkish salmon is 169 TL, Norwegian salmon is 699 TL. Our product is the same. Even our waters are cleaner. But when we ask the sellers, we get the answer ‘it comes from Norway, it is of better quality’. Turkish salmon is much better quality. We are working to change this perception over time.”

Emphasizing that they want to spread the recognition of Turkish salmon in Russia and Japan all over the world, Sagun added, ” According to the data of the Association, the export value of Turkish salmon increased by 157 per cent in the first quarter of 2024. Türkiye, which exported 37.7 million dollars of salmon in the first 3 months of last year, ramped up its export value to 97 million dollars in the same period of this year.”

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