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Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Fatih Metin said that current occupancy rate of dams across Turkey is at the level of 76 percent. Fatih Metin said, “This demonstrates that there is no problem of usage and drinking water in Turkey.”

Metin held a press conference in Gölköy region of Bolu province and answered the questions of correspondents.

Stating that they have observed an increase of water usage with the Pandemic process, Metin noted, “No doubt that hygiene has been coming very forefront. Besides sensitivity has also risen as to everything should be clean.”

“Turkey has a perception that being a water rich country, though this is not a reality. Actually there is no such thing as being rich in water. As a result, our resources are limited. But as DSI (State Hydrolic Works), we are following up for the best use of these resources,” Metin added.

“Currently, our occupancy rate of dams is at 76 percent level in Turkey. This demonstrates that we have no problem in terms of either drinking or usage water. No problem related to irrigation water either anywhere in Turkey at the moment. Our farmer is irrigating. We have no problems in drinking water in any of our cities, especially in metropolitan areas,” Metin concluded…

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