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Nurettin Tarakçıoğlu: Türkiye’s spice exports soared by 28 percent in January-May 2024

Press release…

Nurettin Tarakçıoğlu, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Aegean Furniture, Paper and Forestry Products Exporters’ Association, said that the Turkish spice sector exported 186 million dollars worth of spices in 2023 with an increase of 10 percent.

Nurettin Tarakçıoğlu

Pointing out that the Aegean Region, which is the epicentre of Türkiye’s spice exports, has brought 118 million dollars of foreign currency to the country by realising 64 percent of spice exports, he said, “Türkiye’s spice exports in the January-May period of 2024 soared by 28 percent to 98 million dollars. The solution of the quality problem in the products is vital for the continuity of our exports to the whole world, especially to the European Union. The quality problem in the products should be solved at the producer and in the field. The European Commission attaches great importance to consultation with Turkish exporters. We conveyed the work carried out by our Aegean Exporters’ Associations (EIB) members at every stage from the field to the table to improve exports by providing quality products to the mission delegation.”

Spice sector continues its sustainability efforts uninterruptedly…

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Tarakçıoğlu believes that the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, exporters and producers should cooperate more and solve the entire supply chain from production to packaging.

“We have been working in coordination with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry since 2019. We have our products analysed together with our universities and Agricultural Pest Control Research Institutes. We have prepared Implementation Guidelines together with our Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. We are in close contact with the European Spice Association (ESA), we make presentations. Since 2020, we have been organising Farmer Trainings in Production Regions, distributing informative brochures and informing our farmers. We make informative TV programmes,” he added.

“In 2022, a technical committee was established to work in coordination with exporters. We organise workshops. We contribute to projects on Controlled Cultivation for Export. We organise panels on sustainability. Since we participate in the ESA Technical Committee, we carry out studies to solve the problems in the products,” he concluded…

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