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The Starch Manufacturers’ Association (NİSAD) claimed that accusations which are “unlawful, baseless, unscientific and exceeding moral boundaries” have been made against the starch-based sugar industry.

June 9, 2021

NİSAD made a written statement regarding the discussions that started with the “Regulation and Implementation of Sugar Quotas” published in the Official Gazette on 5 June.

The statement underlined that the last regulation made is a secondary legislation regulation and that no regulation or circular can create a provision contrary to the law, it was stated as follows:

“There is no new quota allocation”

“Therefore, there is no new quota allocation for the Starch sector, except for the provisions of the Sugar Law of the last regulation. Our Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has also made a Public Announcement that there is no regulation for quota increase.

Despite the Ministry’s ‘Public Announcement’, we leave it to the public’s discretion that the opinions that they defend about starch and its products. We also believe that those who try to harm the market reputation and products of our sector, act far from science and reality.

We are entrepreneurs who have invested in the agricultural industry, believing in the potential and power of our country. All our business and transactions are carried out under the supervision and control of legal regulations, relevant institutions and organizations. Due to our belief in our country, our trust in our state, our responsibility to our nation, we have no other effort than to expand the agricultural industry, to provide more employment and added value and to contribute more to exports within the framework of economic, political and legal regulations.”

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